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Academic Enrichment and Intervention

At Fairview Elementary, we believe that every student has the ability to learn and grow.  We work together as an academic team - classroom teachers, administration, literacy coaches, district curriculum specialist, instructional assistants, and school support staff - to provide targeted instruction in order to promote student growth and achievement.  We use school-wide data to inform instructional grouping within the classroom and intervention grouping within the grade-level.  Data are reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure continued improvement in specific target areas. 
Students requiring additional academic intervention may be referred to Fairview's multidisciplinary Behavior and Academic Intervention Team (BAIT) for targeted problem-solving.  BAIT is comprised of our school counselor, school psychologist, referring classroom teacher, grade-level teacher representatives from each grade level, and other support staff as required (e.g., nurse, speech therapist, social worker, etc.).  For more information, please contact Mrs. Harris or Mrs. Hileman-Steele.  
For reading instruction we use Letterland and Reading Wonders for our core curricula.  Additional parent resources can be found here for Letterland and here for Reading Wonders.  For math instruction we use Eureka Math as our core curriculum.  Additional parent resources can be found here.
Tanisha Herring, Instructional Coach